If you are wondering how to use these unique boxes to market your business, look no further!

Here are 50 Ways to Use Bark Cartons as a tool to help you Market your Pet Service Business.

To use this Unique and Easy Marketing Tool. Simply fold the box, add Candy or Dog Treats plus your Business Cards to the box, and hand them out.

You can also get a custom box printed with your business information on the outside!

Try using them in a different way every month and you will see a steady stream of new clients walk through your door.

Farm New Clients:

1. Hand out to dog owners at your local Dog Park.

2. Canvas the neighborhoods around your shop. Hang on door handles with rubber band.

3. Do you volunteer at your local Dog Shelter? Why not gift each dog with a Bark Carton box with treats in it. When they get adopted the new owner will have your business information on the box.

4. Give filled Bark Cartons to your local Apartment Complexes. They usually give every new resident a move-in package with coupons and info of local businesses. Inquire how to be included in this packet.

5. Hand out Bark Cartons at the local Trail or Walking paths to everyone with a dog.

6. Get a booth at a local Doggy 5k. Hand out Bark Cartons.

7. Get a booth at the local Farmer’s Market in the Summer. Hand out Bark Cartons.

8. Get a booth at a Dog Show, or Competition and hand out Bark Cartons.

9. Give a Bunch of Bark Cartons to the Gas Station nearest your location to give to people who have dogs in their car.

10. Hand out at your child’s school, your church, your HOA, or any of your groups you are active in.

Create New Partnerships:

11. Create a Partnership with a fellow business with the same clientele. Ex. If you are a Groomer, you could partner with a Vet, Animal Shelter, Dog Trainer, Dog Bakery, Dog Walker, Dog Sitter, Boarding Kennel, Dog Waste Removal Company, Dog Rehab Facility, Dog Chiropractor, Dog Photographer… You can even co-brand the box, split the costs, or simply refer business back and forth.

12. Create a Partnership with Non-Pet Industry Businesses where dog owners are likely to go. Ex. The local Coffee shop that has a dog water dish out front or Hardware stores where dogs are allowed to shop with their owners.

13. Are you heavily involved with a specific breed of dog? Create a partnership with a local breeder to refer clients to you. Each puppy can go home with a Bark Carton.

14. Do you have other businesses in the same building or shopping complex as yours? Create a Partnership with the deli a few doors down. You can have their coupons in your business and they can gift Bark Cartons to their customers.

15. Talk with the local Movie Theater. You may be able to work a deal with them to promote your business and in turn you can promote them.

16. Create a Partnership with your local Real Estate Agents. They are active in the community and can then refer clients who have dogs your way.

17. Create a Partnership with your clients. Have a list of their businesses handy so you can refer others to them, and they can send clients your way too.

18. Do you want your target market to be service animals? Create a partnership with a local service animal training agency.

19. Do you like working with outdoorsy people/dogs? Create a partnership with the local outdoor store.

20. Do you have a connection with a large company in your area? Try creating a Partnership with them to refer their employees your way.

Use Bark Cartons When Networking:

21. Join a local Networking Group and gift the Bark Carton Boxes filled with Candy and your business cards to everyone in the group.

22. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and hand out Bark Cartons to the new people you meet each week.

23. Check out Meetup.com for a group you may be interested in visiting or joining. Give a Bark Carton to each person you meet at the in person meeting.

24. Get involved in your community. Use a Bark Carton Box as your business card.

25. Are you a member of a Club? Do they all know what you do? Try using the ‘I love Rufferals’ box with your club members.

26. Do you attend any large group gatherings? Try using the ‘I love Rufferals’ box.

27. Use Bark Cartons to fill with Prizes for a Charity Auction.

28. Do you teach any workshops or classes? Give out Bark Cartons to all in attendance.

29. Use Bark Cartons as with a Treat/gift inside as a Thank You when you get Referrals from you Networking contacts.

30. Use Bark Cartons with your contacts who you haven’t seen in a while to stay top of mind.

Creating Memorable Moments for your Clients:

31. When your customer books their next appointment at checkout you can gift them a Bark Carton box with treats and a business card with the time and date of their next appointment. Idea: One treat for each week between appointments.

32. Gift a Bark Carton to each client who comes in for their pre-booked appointment.

33. Give one to each client who checks-in to your business on Social Media

34. Gift a Bark Carton to every client who gives you a review

35. Surprise every 10th customer who comes in with a random Bark Carton

36. Stuff your Bark Carton with a surprise that isn’t candy or treats and give away to your clients. Could be some kind of monthly or quarterly give-away. Anything that fits in the box that your customers would enjoy. Ex. Dog Socks

37. Use Bark Cartons as an incentive to upgrade to your luxury package.

38. Use the ‘Thank you for your Business’ Bark Carton as an extra bonus to using your services.

39. Add a little fun to each Holiday by gifting each client a Bark Carton who uses your services during the week of a Holiday. (Holiday Boxes Coming Soon!)

40. Gift a Bark Carton to every Client on their 1st visit.

Saying Thank You for Rufferals:

41. When you have a new client come in who was referred by a current, gift them a Bark Carton as a Thank You

42. Make a note in your computer to gift a Bark Carton to the Client who did the Referring the next time you see them.

43. Give multiple boxes to your top Referring Clients so they can then gift them to the people they want to refer to you.

44. Let your current clients know you are ready to grow your clientele and you want referrals. Give 2 Bark Carton to everyone who says they have someone in mind. One for them, and one for the potential referral.

45. Anyone who refers someone who came in, give them another carton so they know you are still actively looking for referrals.

46. Use the I love Rufferals box as a Talk Trigger for your clients to start referring to you.

47. Use the I love Rufferals box as a give-away when you are out Networking.

48. Use the I love Rufferals box as a surprise gift to your partnerships to stay top of mind.

49. Drop off a Bark Carton to your Partnership contact who sent you a referral Client.

50. Gift a Bark Carton to your Networking contact who sent you a referral Client.

Time to get creative!

Don’t see a design or have an idea for a box you want?

Design your own boxes.

Simply contact me and we will get started on your design idea ASAP!