Lozelle may be a bookkeeper and not a pet-business, but it doesn’t mean she can’t use Bark Cartons!

She has a unique style all her own and when we sat down to design her Bark Cartons, she came up with some radical colors and images.

When I finished her design and she had approved it, I sent it to the printer and he said, “Are you sure this is what she wants?”

He’s printed a lot of Bark Cartons – but never seen one like this before.

“I have to let you know, Kari,” he told me. “I thought these were going to look pretty weird, but they turned out looking cool and funky!”

Check out Lozelle’s Bark Cartons!

If you want to talk about designing your own boxes, contact Kari now and let’s see how I can make you look cool and funky too!